About Convention

Innovation and collaboration has become the mainstream of today’s world. Many high-tech fields are undergoing rapid development, such as internet security, machine learning, big data, information technology, biotechnology, new pharmaceutical technology, disease prevention and care, green environment and energy. Meanwhile, the fields of education and humanity are undergoing revolution. All of those require deeper technology innovation, more investment and involvement of high quality talent. The Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA (CAST-USA), a non-profit and non-political organization founded in 1992, is one of the most influential American Chinese organizations, and has been active and well-known in both the US and China. CAST-USA has the tradition to activate close cooperation among professionals from all scientific fields, and has been always acting as a bridge and platform for communication and cooperation between USA and China in Science and Technology. To further promote this goal, CAST-USA will be holding the “A Summit for US-China Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration and Development  – 25th Anniversary of CAST-USA” in New York, October 7th to 9th, 2017.

This summit will be hosted by the Greater New York Chapter (CAST-GNY). It will also be supported by many other organizations in both US and China. We are planning to continue our tradition to invite famous scholars, such as Nobel Laureates, members of US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, AAAS and IEEE fellows, as well as well-known US entrepreneurs, US financial venture capital institutions, officers from both US federal government and local government. Meanwhile, we are also planning to invite the Chinese Ambassador to the US, Chinese Ambassador of China to the United Nations, Consul General of China in New York, officers central and local governments and organizations in China, renowned scholars from the Chinese National Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering and universities, famous Chinese entrepreneurs from China’s state-level high-tech zones, famous Chinese financial venture capital institutions, as well as the entrepreneurs of private sectors in China who are seeking opportunities to transform, upgrade and develop their overseas investment.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences Dr. Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Dr. Jack Szostok, Member of the National Academy of Sciences and NA of Medicine Dr. Xiaoliang (Sunny) Xie and Rolf Schock Prize Laureate in Mathematics Dr. Yitang (Tom) Zhang.

The three days summit will offer a variety of activities. Each day will focus on one particular theme. The first day will focus on high-tech and cutting-edge forums.. The second day will focus on talent exchange as well as the Contest of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. On the third day, we will focus on cooperative development between US and China.

In addition, we will award the CAST-USA annual Distinguished Leaders Award for Science and Technology Innovation, Outstanding Scientist Award, Excellence Management Award for Science and Technology Enterprise. Additionally we will honor The Young Elite Award (YEA) for outstanding High School Students .

We sincerely invite you to attend this event. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at this convention.

2017 CAST-USA Annual Convention Organizing Committee

Chair,  Bill JIANG, President of CAST-USA billjiang2000@hotmail.com
Co-Chair, Xinghua  PAN, President Elect of CAST-USA xinghua.pan@gmail.com
Co-Chair, Charles SHEN, President of CAST-GNY gnycast@gmail.com

About CAST

The Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA (CAST-USA: www.cast-usa.org) is a non-profit and non-political organization. It was founded in August 1992 in New York City. The missions of CAST-USA include: 1) to build relationships and exchange programs between China and United States in the areas of science, technology, education, culture, business, trade and other fields; 2) to promote traditional Chinese culture and provide local Chinese community activities to the general public in the United States; and 3) to provide networking and collaboration opportunities among Chinese scholars and all professionals in the United States.

CAST-USA is a cross-regional, cross-industry, integrated technology group. The majority of CAST-USA members are Chinese-American professionals, who hold advanced degrees in science and technology, education, business, law, medicine, art and other fields of endeavor. CAST-USA is growing at a rapid pace with more than thousands of members in more than 30 states across the United States, working in universities, industries, government agencies and other sectors, many in the world’s top 500 multinational corporations, or well-known large companies, universities or research institutions. Currently CAST-USA consists of 16 regional chapters & 6 to-be-built regional chapters in the United States and 14 liaison offices in China.

CAST-USA has an Executive Board responsible for daily operations and management, a Board of Governors to propose a revision to CAST-USA Bylaws, an Advisory Board, and a Board of Directors to review and approve amendments to CAST-USA Bylaws and vote on the impeachment motion initiated by the Board of Governors. CAST-USA has the following famous Honorary Advisors: Prof. Jian Song, Prof. Chen-Ning Franklin Yang, Miss Anna Chan Chennault, Prof. Guangzhao Zhou, Prof. Lilan Zhu, Prof. Yongxiang Lu, Mr. Man-Chung Tang, and Prof. Dan Shechtman, Prof. Mario Capecchi and other academic and social celebrities.

CAST-USA and its chapters hold regular academic seminars and provide academic exchange platform for members. CAST-USA and its chapters also hold other series activities and seminars to provide a platform for members to support each other to study, work and live well. CAST-USA regularly publishes the “Overseas Scholars” magazine and newsletter. The contents include a presentation of academic activities, the latest news of the science, technology, and business sectors, job and investment opportunities, and immediate concerns from many members.

CAST-USA and its chapters hold nation-wide annual conferences and regional conferences, and dozens of academic lectures and academic seminars, which invite many well-known celebrities to address and discuss academic and social issues. CAST-USA is now one of the most-recognized organizations among Chinese professionals in the United States. It is the leading institution dedicated to the promotion of understanding between Americans and ethnic Chinese in the United States. Since its foundation, CAST-USA has established strong ties with the scientific and technological communities both in the United States and in China.

The 2017 annual national conference will be held in New York City from Oct. 6-8.

Current President of CAST-USA is Bill Jiang, Chairman of the Board of Governors Zhixiong Chen, Chairman of the Board of Directors Yunming Song, President-Elect Xinghua Pan. Former presidents of CAST-USA are Huakang Zhou, Qiu Zhang, Zhenchun Xu, Chongqing Lu, Qiyuan Ma, Mengchu Zhou, Jiaye Xie, Shuigen Xiao, Hong Shi, Yousuo Zou, Minyue Lin, Feiyue Wang, Bailian Li, Li Zuo, Lu Shen, Qiang Lu, Daniel Zeng, Tony Fang, Xiaoming Sheng, Yiqiang Cai, Howie Yu, Yunming Song, Zhixiong Chen.