YEA Awards

中國旅美科技協會 2017 年度優秀青少年獎

CAST Young Elite Award (YEA) – 2017 YEA Program Introduction

The Young Elite Award (YEA) is one of the flagship programs of CAST Education. The YEA is designed to encourage the younger generation of CAST members to achieve high academic perform-ance, develop leadership skills, develop strong interest in science and engineering, and excel in extracurricular and community service. It also aims to enable them to achieve the greatest possible impact in our community. These well-rounded skills will enable them become strong leaders in this very competitive global market place.

CAST will invite professionals from various industries to serve as judges in selecting the YEA recipients. All the award recipients will be recognized to be truly outstanding based on their extraordinary achievements in academic performance, demonstration of exemplary leadership and voluntary involvement in community activities.

YEA Program Objectives

This award is designed to encourage the younger generation of CAST member to:

  • Achieve high academic performance
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop strong interest in science & engineering
  • Excel in extracurricular & community service

YEA Program Application Requirements

  • 9th, 10th or 11th grade student during the spring 2017 semester
  • In the top 10% of current school academic score ranking
  • Child of CAST life member (for membership, visit the local CAST chapter website)
  • Finalists are invited to present at the CAST Annual Convention in New York for the YAE Award Ceremony on 10/07/17 to receive the Failure to present will lose the award.

YEA Application processes

Email the following documents in PDF format no later than August 25th, 2017 to

  1. Application Form (Fill it online)
  2. A one-page biography that best describes your academic achievement, strong interest in engineering, community ser- vices, extracurricular activities and personal
  3. Academic Records:
    1. Official High School Transcript
      1. An official transcript
      2. The transcript should show coursework and rank up to 2017 spring If the latest transcript can’t be obtained, please add a statement from your school counselor.
      3. If your high school does not rank class members, please add a ranking policy statement from your school, a copy of your school’s profile and a GPA or grade
    2. For completed College Coursework, including dual credit Coursework, while in high school: Submit official tran- scripts of the credit issued by the college or university.
  4. Community Services Materials:
    1. Accumulate community service hours and prove materials
    2. A one-page essay that best describes your leadership potential and the impact of your community service.
  5. TWO recommendation letters:
    Recommendation Letter from your teacher;  (Fill online);
    Recommendation Letter from your community services leader using the enclosed (Fill online);
  6. A recent portrait photo in JPEG (headshot with formal dress and clear background; resolution higher than 720×480).


The following originals need to be received within 6 days following the application. Please mail to:

                                Anna Yu, CAST YEA Program

5706 Cahalan Ave #23634

San Jose, CA 95153, USA

  1. Your original transcript(s). Copies are not considered official and do not satisfy this requirement.
  2. Enclose your recent portrait photo (headshot with formal dress and clear

background; resolution higher than 720×480).

YEA Program Award Score Weights

Academic performance (GPA ) – 25%

      Extra-curricular activities – 20%

      Community service – 20%

      Personal aspiration, biography – 10%

      Recommendations – 10%

      Inventions /innovation – 15%

YEA Award Process

30 judges from various industries across all CAST chapters

      Every applicant receives scores from 3 different judges

      YEA committee review the judge scores and takes the average

      Top 30 highest scores are selected as finalists

      Top 10 highest scores are awarded YEA

Award Ceremony:

Finalists will be announced in the first week in  September, 2017. Names and photographs of all finalists will be published in the convention proceedings and will be posted at the annual convention. The YEA recipients will also receive a Life Membership from CAST (any chapter).

Award: 10 recipients ($300 per recipient)

Honorable Mention: 20

Application Deadline: 8/25/2017

Application Fee: $50 per applicant (for CAST member or child of member), or $90 per applicant for non-member)

Payment method: by check: pay to CAST-USA Foundation, or Chase QuickPay to:


Award Ceremony Location: New York

Ceremony Date: 10/07/2017

Contact name: Anna Yu

Phone: (408) 360-9958

WeChat QR Code: see right